McAllen Independent School District

Tuition-free Pre-Kinder opportunity now available

A full-day Pre-Kindergarten Program is vitally important in getting a child’s education started on the right path. That’s why McAllen ISD is offering an opportunity to admit nearly 200 additional Pre-Kinder students on a tuition-free basis for next school year.

Under this Universal Pre-K system, 198 students can be included for free on a first-come, first-served basis. Parents can choose any of five campuses. They are:

•           Castaneda Elementary                          4100 N. 34th St.          66 seats available

•           Rayburn Elementary                              7000 N. Main St.         44 seats                       

•           Hendricks Elementary                           3900 Goldcrest Ave.    44 seats

•           Bonham Elementary                              2400 Jordan Ave.         22 seats

•           Fields Elementary                                 500 W. Dallas Ave.      22 seats

“We are excited to expand our Pre-Kindergarten Program to allow this opportunity for families, who did not previously qualify, to participate free of charge,” McAllen ISD Superintendent J.A. Gonzalez, Ed.D., said. “In Pre-Kindergarten, our children will develop the knowledge and habits which form the basis for future learning.”

To register a child under Universal Pre-K, the parent or legal guardian must do so in person at one of these five campuses. The family does not have to live within the designated school’s attendance zone. Through Universal Pre-K, families can live anywhere and still attend one of these five. Families who live outside McAllen ISD must submit a Transfer Request Application.

When registering, parents should provide the following:

  • Child’s birth certificate (children must be four-years-old on or before Sept. 1, 2020)
  • Child’s immunization record
  • Child’s social security card
  • Proof of residency (utility bill less than 30 days old that includes family name and address)
  • Proof of income – check stubs or documents which indicate that the parent or guardian receives food stamps or AFDC/TANF for their child. Full-day Pre-Kinder is still offered across the District (19 campuses) and students may still qualify for traditional free Pre-K if they meet the qualifying criteria. The additional 198 seats that are offered are for those who are unable to meet the criteria for traditional free Pre-K. McAllen ISD also continues to offer Pre-K on a tuition basis at all 19 campuses. This is $495 per month or just $25.75 per day. When applying for the tuition program, families may select any campus provided there is space available. Families are invited for the annual Pre-Kinder Roundup this week (February 24-28). Parents may register at any elementary school during the school day. During evenings, District employees will be on hand Monday-Thursday (Feb. 24-27) at the McAllen ISD Staff Development Center (1601 N. 27th St.) at the north end of the Achieve Early College High campus. Registration for the fall is available online at  However, to register under Universal Pre-K, families must register in person at one of the five designated campuses. Children in McAllen ISD’s Pre-Kindergarten Program will develop a love of learning and gain an advantage heading into K-12. Teachers will expose them to activities and opportunities which will boost their confidence and help them succeed, not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well.   For additional questions, families may contact the McAllen ISD Student Outreach office at 956-687-MISD.